Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comic Con NYC 2011

Comic Con NYC was a ridiculous singularity of weirdness that was simply maddening in its hustle and bustle.  Animal Planet made an amazing booth to promote Finding Bigfoot, complete with a photo booth from which to email photos to friends, as well as a sound booth in which visitors could record their own bigfoot screams.  A yeti was even wandering around the floor of the convention hall posing for photos.  Animal Planet really outdid themselves.  

My friend, Dawn, with the yeti.

The cast of Finding Bigfoot held a panel discussion on sasquatches on Friday night which was moderated by 30 Rock's Judah Freidlander.  Judah is a bigfoot fan, and in his new book, How to Beat up Anybody, he features a chapter on how to beat up a bigfoot.  He did clarify this at the panel discussion by saying that probably 99% of bigfoots are peaceful, passive creatures, and his chapter is primarily to defend oneself from that dangerous 1 %.  After the panel discussion, Judah proved he could beat up anybody by punching Bobo in the face.  

The "World Champion" lands a sucker punch.

Saturday at Comic Con was a zoo.  I wandered around the crowded floor snapping photos with various friends of the 'squatch, and just tripping out on the chaos that surrounded me.  On my walk back, I stumbled across the Occupy Wall Street protest, which had apparently moved to Times Square.  I shouted rants about befriending bigfoots and the like, but only a few noticed.  One woman seemed to be chanting about how the world was 'squatchy, but apparently she was saying the world was "watching"...  I need to get my hearing checked.  

Enjoy these photos from the event.

The cast and executive producers of Finding Bigfoot

Cliff Barackman and Judah Freidlander

Cliff and a friend of the 'squatch

Another friend of the 'squatch

The Finding Bigfoot panel discussion

Bleep bloop whistle whistle

Holy bigfoot buddies, Batman.

I'm not sure what this is, but it's friendly to the 'squatch.

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