Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: "Birth of a Legend" on Oct. 30th

In early August, the cast and crew of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot went to Northern California to investigate the most famous bigfoot footage of all time, the Patterson/Gimlin Film.  The two weeks in Northern California was extremely productive, and it was nothing less than historic to participate in such a once-in-a-lifetime event.  

The episode we shot during that time will be airing on Sunday, October 30th on Animal Planet, and I assure you it is one episode that you won't want to miss.  After the episode airs, you can look forward to my behind-the-scenes commentary (tentatively titled, the "Afterbirth of a Legend") that will shed even more light on the happenings at Bluff Creek.  My video commentary of this episode will unfortunately have to wait a while...  I am currently on the road filming the second season of Finding Bigfoot, so I'm afraid we all have to wait a bit until I get back home to film it.  

I have seen a rough cut of the episode, and it is excellent.  There was so much more that happened which didn't make the edit that you'll be almost more blown away by what they didn't include!  (Keep in mind, we filmed around 200 hours of footage for this episode.)  That's why it's good to have a bigfoot nerd like me on the cast to show you the stuff that I thought was cool that the editors didn't include.  I'm looking forward to your comments on the episode.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finding Bigfoot's Cast Reacts to Claims of Yeti "Proof"

Here is a brief commentary from us folks at Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot about the recent claims of "proof" out of Russia.

Very little of what I said made the editor's cut on this brief clip.  I went on to comment that I have a contact that works with the native tribes of Siberia, and that these tribes have stories of sasquatch-like creatures that live nearby, just like natives of North America have.  I am absolutely sure that sasquatches (or a closely related) species lives in Russia.  However, I'm not sure that having 95% proof is the same as having "irrefutable" proof.  

I have heard that the conference was quite good, but the field trip that obtained this "proof" was a little uncomfortable for the participants.  While I do not have many details of what transpired, I am happy to hear that the Russians take this branch of science quite seriously, and they have taken strides to elevate it to the mainstream.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sasquatch Watches

Cliff Barackman receives his very own green Squatchwatch
from the lovely Yolie.

Just in time for Squatchmas, a line of bigfoot time pieces has come!  Already endorsed by numerous bigfooters worldwide, the "Squatchwatch" will ensure that you're never late for some midnight bigfoot screams.  Click this link to order yours!

The one and only Bob Gimlin and
his brown Squatchwatch.

Craig Woolheater of Cryptomundo sports a pink version.

James "Bobo" Fay contemplates his life before
owning a Squatchwatch.

Author, Loren Coleman, with his time piece.  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day, 2011!

Can you believe that it has been forty-four years since Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed a sasquatch at Bluff Creek, CA?  To celebrate this numerically palindromic milestone, I invite you to join me at approximately 1:15 pm and give a loud "ba-whoop" to the furry gal herself, Patty!

If, like me, you find the above image to be unspeakably beautiful and meaningful, I want to encourage you to watch a very special upcoming episode of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot that will be centered around this unique footage.  Join me and the rest of the cast on October 30th at 9 pm on Animal Planet as we descend into Bluff Creek to examine the most famous bigfoot encounter of all time.  There will be several very special surprises and historic events that will be shown for the first time on television.  You'll probably recognize a couple faces from the bigfoot community as well.  Whether you're a bigfoot nerd or just a fan, you'll definitely want to check out this two-hour special.  

Cliff Barackman and Bob Gimlin

And finally, in this once-a-year celebration of this very special day, I'd like to extend a smiley and warm birthday wish to Autumn Williams.  Due to her quiet and close work with a wide array of long-term witnesses, and to her steadfast devotion to the well-being of the creatures themselves, I strongly feel that Autumn is probably the most important bigfooter today.  Happy birthday, Autumn!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comic Con NYC 2011

Comic Con NYC was a ridiculous singularity of weirdness that was simply maddening in its hustle and bustle.  Animal Planet made an amazing booth to promote Finding Bigfoot, complete with a photo booth from which to email photos to friends, as well as a sound booth in which visitors could record their own bigfoot screams.  A yeti was even wandering around the floor of the convention hall posing for photos.  Animal Planet really outdid themselves.  

My friend, Dawn, with the yeti.

The cast of Finding Bigfoot held a panel discussion on sasquatches on Friday night which was moderated by 30 Rock's Judah Freidlander.  Judah is a bigfoot fan, and in his new book, How to Beat up Anybody, he features a chapter on how to beat up a bigfoot.  He did clarify this at the panel discussion by saying that probably 99% of bigfoots are peaceful, passive creatures, and his chapter is primarily to defend oneself from that dangerous 1 %.  After the panel discussion, Judah proved he could beat up anybody by punching Bobo in the face.  

The "World Champion" lands a sucker punch.

Saturday at Comic Con was a zoo.  I wandered around the crowded floor snapping photos with various friends of the 'squatch, and just tripping out on the chaos that surrounded me.  On my walk back, I stumbled across the Occupy Wall Street protest, which had apparently moved to Times Square.  I shouted rants about befriending bigfoots and the like, but only a few noticed.  One woman seemed to be chanting about how the world was 'squatchy, but apparently she was saying the world was "watching"...  I need to get my hearing checked.  

Enjoy these photos from the event.

The cast and executive producers of Finding Bigfoot

Cliff Barackman and Judah Freidlander

Cliff and a friend of the 'squatch

Another friend of the 'squatch

The Finding Bigfoot panel discussion

Bleep bloop whistle whistle

Holy bigfoot buddies, Batman.

I'm not sure what this is, but it's friendly to the 'squatch.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finding Bigfoot in NYC this Friday

This Friday, October 14th, at 6:30, the cast (Bobo, Matt, Ranae, and I) and executive producer of Animal Plantet's Finding Bigfoot will be featured in a panel discussion about the show.  The one-hour discussion will be held at the New York Comic Con, and rumor has it will be moderated by 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander.  The first 100 people at the panel discussion will receive a limited edition Finding Bigfoot t-shirt (I don't even have one of those!).  If you can come, please say hello to me!

The following is from the Comic Con website:

Finding Bigfoot

Date: Friday, October 14
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Fresh from the forests of North America, the cast and producer of Animal Planet's hit "Finding Bigfoot" satisfy Sasquatch curiosity, debunk swamp ape myth and transport the audience to the birthplace of Bigfoot. Join them for a world premiere sneak peak of the show's upcoming Halloween special that investigates the infamous Patterson-Gimlin footage and explores California's Redwood Forest -- the mecca of Bigfoot activity. The crew will discuss their Squatchin' experiences from the show and share years of Bigfoot knowledge and research. If you're lucky, you just may hear a Squatch call! The first 100 people to the panel will receive a limited edition Finding Bigfoot t-shirt.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Finding Cody

On February 16, 2011, I did an investigation to a place near Bull Mountain, GA where I found some very interesting footprints.  These prints were cast and documented as part of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot series.  Photographs of these prints and the details surrounding their discovery are detailed on this page, as well as this page.  

As the pages linked above clearly show, the source of these prints is still unclear.  However, it never occurred to me  that they could be from Cody Lundin from Discovery Channel's Dual Survival.  Thank you, Lavinco from YouTube for clearing this up for me!  Hilarious!

Send your fan art to me by clicking this link to CliffBarackman.com!  

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crush on a Yeti

She's got a crush on a yeti?  Me too.  In fact, I've had a long-lasting love affair for nearly 40 years.