Friday, September 23, 2011

Poking Fun at Finding Bigfoot

Over at the blog Ghost Hunting Theories, paranormal investigator and friend of the 'squatch, Autumnforest, has posted a funny dialogue for a fictional episode of Finding Bigfoot.  I giggled to myself several times while reading through the post because it hit a little closer to home more than Autumnforest probably realizes.  The parody on our personalities seems a bit more accurate now that I've been on the road for nearly two months filming the second season of the show.  Read on for a sample of the script, and click the link below for the rest.  

Thank you, Autumnforest, for a good laugh at my expense!

RANAE: Man, I'm really glad to be here in my home state on what might be a really awesome hunt.

Matt: (Turning to Cliff) Did you hear something?

Cliff: You mean Ranae speaking?

 (frowns) Ranae?

Cliff: (prompts) You know, the female on the team. (seeing Matt's blank stare, he adds) The skeptic.

 (bristles) Oh, her.

Bobo: What do you want us to do, huh?

Ranae: If these people said that the creature was as tall as that row of branches down the hillside, perhaps we should have Bobo go down there and wander around and see if we can get a height on this thing.

Matt: (elbows her) I am the leader, here. (thinks) Bobo, let's have you go down the hillside and stand in for Bigfoot, hmm?

(BoBo stomps off down the hillside)

Cliff: Waaaaaaaaaeeeeewwwww! Woooooop! Woooooop! Waaaaaaeeeewwww!

Matt: No, Cliff, it's not time to do a Bigfoot call.

Cliff: (pouts and stomps his foot) I'm better at it in the shower. Or the car. Sometimes, I practice it in the grocery store. Well, back when they used to let me go there. Denny's and IHOP don't like me much either. I'm not welcome back at my grandma's house either. (frowns and shrugs) Come to think of it, my HOA isn't too happy. They came up with some rule on their books about Bigfoot calls.(mumbles)

For the rest of the roast, click this link.


  1. Well, I am psychic.... I adore the show and so do my readers--you'll get full support from all of us so that you have many seasons and you get a chance to go to some amazing BF territory. Like I say, you are a lucky bastard!

  2. Autumn does some funny stuff with her "Laugh Series" and no one on paranormal TV is safe. lol