Friday, September 16, 2011

Finding Bigfoot - "Bigfoot and Beer," Episode 7

The filming of the seventh episode of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot television series was an unexpected surprise to us cast members.  It was scheduled and executed in only a few weeks, and was a direct response to the excellent ratings the show earned throughout the month of June.  Though "Episode 7" was more or less a review of the first season, there were several new clips that had never been seen before, and the cast was given the opportunity to directly answer questions about both the show and sasquatches in general to a live audience. Oh yeah, and there was beer.

The following is another installment of my video debriefs regarding each and every episode of Finding Bigfoot, helped out by my faithful companion, Craig Flipy.


  1. Great video. Enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing, Linda Newton-Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

  2. In the Finding Bigfoot Episode with Mike Green did anyone bring up the size of Mike himself who looked like he towered over everyone including BoBo ? Especially given his video was blurry and purported to be 7 ft tall.Mike Green is a big guy.

  3. Cliff and Craig, you mentioned in this debrief that you could do an interview about all the scenes and items that got cut from the episodes. I know I'd love to hear about it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
    Good Luck on your Season Two. I can't wait!