Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sound Recordings

Continuing the long, arduous process of transferring over content from my original website, I have now finished with the sound recordings section in the new, updated, and Cliffcentric  The sound recording section has been updated with a new format, and the Horse Creek Howls from the Oregon episode of Finding Bigfoot have been added.  

Visit the sound recording section of to give a listen.


  1. Creepy sounds. I am not sure if I want to hear those sounds while camping in the Flagstaff forests. I won't get any sleep.

  2. It's great that you've kept recordings. Having that reference material on-hand is great when you get something similar and you can start comparing. I'm guessing you probably keep an audio library on hand of coyotes, owls, woodland birds and such too. I think the craziest audio I've ever heard of a supposed SQ was the "old man" ones that sound like a Samarai. Those admittedly make me laugh because they just sound so crazy. If I heard that in the woods, I'd probably double over.