Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finding Bigfoot - "Alaska's Bigfoot Island" Video Debrief

Once again, I sit down with my trusty companion, Craig Flipy, to discuss the newest episode of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot television series...  in a tree?


  1. i love the videos in one of the videos where they reviewed the star point pictures was hilarious espacially at the end and i love the videos

  2. Im a new follower of yr blog and a huge fan of Finding Bigfoot...havent missed a show and have watched all the reruns of it. Im so bummed its the end of the season!! I also love the debriefing videos lol We live only 30 miles from Quincy, FL and im dying to go up there and do some investigating.

  3. Cliff and Craig,

    I love watching your u-tube video blogs, there just squatchtastic, I am looking forward to season two and I think this year in September I am going to visit the clackamas county area and camp near Eugene Oregon, to see if I can have my third squatch sighting in my life-time, dudes, they are so rare.

    always a fan best regards,

    Rob McCarthy

    Portland metro area

  4. Wow! I am watching an episode they filmed in Quincy, Florida. I lived there as a child and can't believe there might have been something like that in the woods.