Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Detroit Lake, 2009

A new footprint photograph has been added to my ever-growing footprint database.  The print was found in October, 2009, and was photographed by a witness and his uncle while hunting for chanterelles at Detroit Lake.

To read the rest of the report, go to my footprint database at CliffBarackman.com.  


  1. It looks pretty old. It's so hard to tell how much the mud might have distorted that when it was made. I'm always intrigued by the idea of BF in the Upper Midwest, but it seems so implausible given the general population of the cities surrounding the area. I'm glad folks are at least taking pics, but I sure wish they had put something in the photo to show the size.

  2. Cliff, I hope your "Finding Bigfoot" TV Series will look into the Emery Team (ESP Team, now ESPO Team. I know there has been much talk of hoax (s) of me and the team, but I can assure you it is all unfounded. If not the team, then perhaps the area, now Sru Lake, Oregon, would be of interest. The photo of Big Clyde is real. The one where he is outlined in front of a huge tree. I write a bigfoot column in our local paper and have going on four years now. You will not be dissapointed in the information I bring to the table through my blog, Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I'll put the photo of Big Clyde in the right column of the blog so that you can view it. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry

  3. It looks somewhat flat footed, with no instep. But the toes are too rounded; Bigfoot toes are usually in a straight line with little variation in size. I too wish they had included something for scale and the fact that the mud is dried makes it even more difficult to comfirm it's a Bigfoot print. However, there ARE large wilderness areas in Oregon, especially around Detroit Lake, and I have no doubt that a Bigfoot could be living there.