Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tonight on Finding Bigfoot - A Handprint from Florida

Tonight on Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, join me and the team as we look into some very compelling data gathered in northern Florida from a property where the owners have been encountering sasquatches for ten years.  We will then travel to the Everglades to visit with members of the Seminole Nation to learn about their ancient native beliefs regarding these hairy beings.

As always, check out after the show airs for exclusive behind-the-scenes shots and information about the episode.  This week, I'll closely examine the hand print featured in the above video.  


  1. I will be watching.... good show.


  2. Looking forward to tonight's episode. Well done. So nice to have a show all about the biggies, keeps them in the public's eye.

  3. Great show on Animal Planet June 5th, thanks!