Monday, June 13, 2011

Finding Bigfoot - Possible Sighting?

The Finding Bigfoot episode we filmed in North Carolina was the first of six episodes we shot this past winter. We were in the area to investigate the thermal footage obtained by welfare fraud investigator, long-time bigfooter, and friend of the 'squatch, Mike Greene that I believe shows a sasquatch.

Though the focus of our visit was Greene's video, we did several night investigations in the Uwharrie National Forest. On one of these night investigations, we focused on an area where a group of witnesses possibly encountered several sasquatches a number of years ago. The camp was a several hour walk by trail, but only a 40 minute walk across country.

After navigating thick woods for around three-quarters of an hour, we arrived at the location. The camp was located in a shallow, bowl-shaped valley. The surrounding hills were covered in trees and bushes, and a small stream trickled nearby. It was an excellent place for sasquatches to potentially hang out. The valley had water, cover, lots of deer sign, was sheltered from the winds, and was very quiet so any bigfoots could hear what was going on in their area. These bigfoots could also navigate the surrounding high areas and observe the activities of any intruders.

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  1. That's a smart idea, looking for those "sweet" spots. A big creature doesn't need to be atop a hillside to know what's going on, but in a valley, it would certain hear anything coming down the hillsides like an acoustic sweet spot.