Friday, June 24, 2011

Finding Bigfoot - Oregon Field Notes

The Oregon Episode of Finding Bigfoot, entitled, “Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon,” was one of my favorites to not only shoot, but to watch. As far as shooting it, I loved working back in the state in which I reside. We were dealing with my metaphorical backyard, and in several cases, were investigating things that I had already looked into.
The evidential centerpiece of the episode was the McKenzie River Footage. This footage came to my attention last August, and upon first glimpse seemed pretty compelling. It showed a dark bipedal figure seemingly standing from a sitting position next to the McKenzie River in central Oregon. In September of 2010, I visited the film site and did a fairly extensive on-site investigation. I left that investigation with the inclination to believe it was a human figure. When going over the casts' thoughts with Matt and Chris, the two witnesses, Bobo, Ranae, and I all came to that conclusion. Matt was less sure about that, and his opinion was mostly featured on the show, leaving the conclusions of the team ambiguous. You can read a previous North American Bigfoot blog post on my conclusions by clicking the previous link.

Read the rest of the commentary on  Also included in the commentary is the original Molalla vocalization recorded on site during this Finding Bigfoot episode.

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  1. I actually see two "people" on the left side: the one that looks like a squatch and someone next to it, to the left, dressed in very light clothing. When this was shown on tv, I did not notice the figure to the left of the "squatch." Seeing this now, I also believe the "squatch" is a person, along with another person to the left of it.