Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finding Bigfoot - "Frozen Bigfoot" Commentary

The Washington episode of Finding Bigfoot was filmed in the middle of March, 2011. It was the last of five episodes we filmed during February and March, so we were well polished and comfortable with the gig by that time. I believe it shows on screen.

The centerpiece of our investigations in southwest Washington was the Silver Star Mountain photographs. Avid hiker, and friend of the 'squatch, Randee Chase took three pictures of what might very well be a sasquatch sitting on the top of Silver Star Mountain, just east of Vancouver, WA. He didn't know what he photographed at the time, and honestly still doesn't. Randee and I have become friends over the last couple years, and I have had the opportunity to go to the top of Silver Star with him on at least three occasions. The more I look into his photographs, the more I am convinced that they indeed show a bigfoot. These same photos where the subject of my presentation at the 2010 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium, and that presentation can be seen on the DVDs. It should be noted that I have since taken more accurate measurements and have slightly reduced, but I still firmly hold that these photographs show a sasquatch.


The trip to Silver Star on the 1962 huey helicopter was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life. The helicopter had been restored to near-mint condition. I have to say “near-mint” because there were still bullet holes visible in the interior from its service in the Vietnam War. The top of Silver Star that day had epic seeing conditions, but a nasty wind that brought the temperatures down to below freezing with the wind chill factor. Though I had four or five layers of clothing on, they did little to shield my face from the biting cold. Having a second helicopter there to take heroic shots didn't help keep me warm, either. More than once, the second helicopter zoomed up to us and almost knocked us off our feet with its prop wash.

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  1. Mitch Sorrell ( 29, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    I would certainly like to make a direct comment regarding any negative comments made toward Mr. Barackman. I have a great amount of respect for Mr. Barackman's opinion and I do not have any reason to question his integrity. He has devoted a vast amount of time and effort to investigate the existence of a creature that has been debated for many decades. The pictures shown on the episode are, to say the least, very amazing and appear to be very credible. He did not take the photos, we know that. Randee Chase took the photos not knowing what he was even looking at until "IT STOOD UP". There will always be the people who call everything related to Sasquatch evidence, a fake, fraud or whatever else they may come up with. So I will end my comment by saying this. AWESOME JOB BFRO TEAM, I DO NOT MISS AN EPISODE, HAVE READ DOZENS OF BOOKS ON THE SUBJECT AND LIKEWISE WITH THE DVDS. I BELIEVE IN THEIR EXISTENCE AND COMMEND THE SHOWS TEAM FOR THEIR HARD WORK. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  2. I'm so pleased by this show. I have to say that I've been skeptical about a lot of the "paranormal" reality shows. Ghost Hunters does the same thing every single investigation. Ghost Adventures is idiotic. Fact or Faked could have been so much more than it turned out to be and that had to do with the cast of bland investigators. I admit that Bigfoot is a subject I cannot get enough of, it borders on obsession. For almost a decade I've been saying "Give us a Bigfoot Hunters show!" The way that GH got people scared by poking around buildings they wouldn't ever hang out in night was the equivalent of how people feel about poking around dark woods listening intently and expecting to run into a big unknown creature. I am very pleased with the show and I promote it strongly. I know you'll be picked up another season and I plan to do over the top promos. I cannot get enough of it and I want a shirt that says "That's a Squatch!" Congrats for your enthusiasm but also your obvious intelligence in approaching the subject.

  3. I have always found the Bigfoot issue to be a head turner. However, it is clear the creature does not hang around for those who chase him/her. I suggest a weekly bigfoot campout with some campfire, music, singing, food every friday or Saturday. Have hidden cameras in high places. Get a few jewely cams for the creature to pick up and it can take a picture when he squeezes it or pulls it off a tree. Even if having 20 weekend parties in the woods gets no pictures or curious approaches, you've all had a good time together. Bigfoot does not want to be chased or tricked, but creatures are social and want to be learning about who's having a party nearbye. When you leave, leave your leftover food in a 55 gallon barrel with a lid and when he opens the lid, a camera can take an overhead picture. Don't chase him or mock him, invite him to your party.

  4. With all the available technology and considering the number of bigfoot hunters all over the place it seems strange there is not even one clear photo of the creature. Maybe search methods should be revisited since they clearly are not working. As for frozen bigfoot - not convincing, looked like a person wearing ski garb. People in the photo with the helicoptor looked as much like bigfoots as the creature in the other photos.