Friday, June 10, 2011

Finding Bigfoot - Florida Episode Debrief

To give greater insight on the various episodes of Finding Bigfoot, I will be producing short interviews on a weekly basis to fill in some gaps on some of the interesting items left out of the final edit.  Helping me along the way will be my faithful companion, Craig Flipy.  I hope you enjoy the behind-the-scenes information.  


  1. Very good. You know, I was talking to Ben Hansen from "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" and he told me that he really just hated the cutting room floor and all the content to a show that is lost when an investigation is many hours and days long. He wanted to actually be able to release the transcripts from the entire interviews he performed with witnesses. I don't think he got anywhere with that, but I'm really glad you're doing this. It would be frustrating to have someone look at my day and try to edit it into a 3-minute plug, so I can see how having a show is nice to get the resources and locations you want to research, but frustrating when you see what it becomes. Keep this up. I appreciate your devotion to the hunt.

  2. Great job guys! Love the details, and look forward to more.

    A great addition to help the haters stop hyperventilating!

    Cliff, the show is great too...but yeah, the editing. At least I can see through it basically!

  3. hey i have a idea for your next show put bobo
    in a bigfoot costume and put female gorilla scent on the costume and then let him walk around and make sound and break lims and i think that would help u get a glimps of a bigfoot from your bigist fan

  4. Still trying to find mention of why the figure that was caught on thermal before Bobo fell wasn't followed up on. Maybe it was, but it seems that would be worth mentioning.

  5. What about the thermal image?