Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cliff Barackman gets Heckled on The Soup

Yesterday morning at work I received a text that Finding Bigfoot would be briefly featured on the E! Network's pop culture commentary show, The Soup.  Talk about a mixed blessing!  On the up side, I guess that means we're getting noticed.  We did, after all, score a huge ratings victory for Animal Planet with over 1.3 million viewers.  On the downside, well...  We were likely to be ruthlessly heckled by one of the sharpest wits on television.  Considering all that we said on the first episode of Finding Bigfoot, I figured they'd go after Moneymaker, but boy was I wrong. The Soup came after me with both barrels blazing. 


 While watching, my emotions went from "Oh crap, that's me," to "That could've been way worse."  Though, I wish they included my last line of, "My neighbors hate it." 

I thought it was hilarious.  As far as practicing calls in the shower bothering the females in my life, I only date women who think that sort of thing is hot anyway.  Everyone can tell I'm on a date for miles away. 


  1. I wonder what would happen if that guy who roasted you had an encounter...a change of shorts would be needed, I think...

  2. That was the comment. Hysterical

  3. Pretty darn funny. Cliff, glad you're a good sport about it.

  4. I thought what you said was endearing. You were proud of your calls. They are good.