Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sasquatch Brewfest, 2011

This past weekend, I was asked by Oregon Sasquatch Symposium (OSS) organizer and friend of the 'squatch, Toby Johnson to attend the Sasquatch Brewfest in Eugene, OR.  Toby wanted me to hang out at his OSS table and field questions about bigfoot with he and fellow investigator, Chris Minnear.

Chris Minnear, Toby Johnson, Cliff Barackman,
and a sasquatch manning the table display.

The gathering featured seemingly countless varieties of beer brewed here in the Pacific Northwest, and live music permeated the air all through the afternoon into the night.    Numerous good people of varying levels of intoxication stumbled by our table to inquire about the footprint cast display spread before us.  Several good sighting reports were picked up as well, but they were mostly from down in the Eugene area and therefore not in my own bigfooting backyard.  Still, Toby and Chris found the locations very useful.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking 'squatch with hoards of inebriated folks.  Not surprisingly, many of the people either knew somebody who had seen a bigfoot at some time, or had firsthand stories to share themselves.  Lots of people walked away slightly more educated about bigfoots than when they approached our booth.  That was my purpose: to teach a little, and to have some fun. I walked away fulfilled.

 Cliff and a friend with a beer.

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  1. Beer and Bigfoot... what a great combination!