Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Remember Me?

Thank you all for your patience.  I have not forgotten...

Just another week or two more and I'll be back in full swing.  The big news won't be immediately forthcoming, but I'll drop some tantalizing hints as I'm able.

More very soon,



  1. Brilliant that you are back I am not sure if you are aware but in the video on this blog:bigfooting with with cliff barackman.
    I think you may have caught a squatch on camera!
    It appears at around 47 secs it seems to be auburn. It might be tree peeking I have watched it a few times and am definitely sure it is something you better take a look

  2. can't wait. Your posts are missed!

  3. Cliff, don't some of us already know this big news? Or is this NEW news? The suspense is worse than with the Erickson Project!

    By the way, I see a blobsquatch standing behind you in your blog profile picture....

  4. Sometimes there is big news within big news...

    Lots of stuff is going on. 2011 has proven to be a very 'squatchy year so far.