Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sasquotes - Thom Powell

"It's easy to have a voice, but what are you going to say?"
- Thom Powell

Thom doing field work in Mt. Hood National Forest

Whatever you say, from whatever platform you have, say it for those with no voice at all.  Say it for the 'squatch.  

Thom's newest voice comes in the form of his newest book, Shady Neighbors.  Check it out!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

How Do You Love the 'Squatch?

Perhaps you caught the most recent hullabaloo about bigfoot that is making the rounds on the news wires.  This incarnation of sensationalism is taking the form of a supposed video of "Knobby."  Here is the video:

For those who don't remember, "Knobby" is the name given to the bigfoot that was reportedly seen by that guy in rural North Carolina last year sometime.  The witness is clearly a "salt-of-the-earth" sort of character who made for great television.  He had a big personality, said super funny stuff, and by the sounds of it makes  some mean moonshine.  Did this guy see a bigfoot last year on his property?  He very well might have.  I don't know.  It kind of think it doesn't even matter.

As far as the new Knobby video goes, I think it's pretty clear that it's a hoax for a number of obvious reasons which I won't go into here.  I don't usually even address such trivial things on the blog, but this one got my wheels turning a bit, and I wanted to share some slightly deeper thoughts with you.

Like a reoccurring cold sore, bigfoot stories and videos regularly pop up on the lips of the media, soon to fade away leaving little more than an embarrassing bruise on one's bigfooty ego.  Friends, acquaintances, and sometimes even family, poke fun at us bigfooters and point to the ridiculous claims and personalities depicted.  The hoaxes make the subject, and the people involved in it, look ridiculous.  Still the media indulges the public so they can get their bigfoot fix.  We bigfooters weather the storm.  Why?  Because everybody loves the 'squatch, bigfooters and the public at large alike.  

"Everybody loves the 'squatch."  That sounds nice... until one thinks a little deeper.  

Love comes in many forms.  There's the "Here's your coffee, Sweetie" kind of love.  Then there's the "I'm proud of you, Son" kind of love.  But there's also the "It puts the lotion on" kind of love, too...  The scary kind that is obsessive and unhealthy.  The kind that only focuses on oneself.

Which brings me to the point of this blog.  What kind of love do you have for the 'squatch?  Why do you do this?  What are you looking for?

I'll go first by telling you what I'm not doing.  I do not do this bigfooting thing in order to prove or "discover" sasquatches as real animals.  I take the position that bigfoots have already been discovered, and we're just waiting for the academics to catch up.  (Much like when Columbus supposedly discovered the Americas.  How can one discover what was already known about by thousands of people?)

I do this bigfooting thing for many reasons, but the two most important are as follows:

First, and of lesser importance, is that I love the journey of bigfooting.  I am not destination-oriented, but rather am thoroughly enjoying the ride.  It's kind of like going on a walk.  One always seems to end up back home after a walk, so obviously the walk isn't about the destination.  One enjoys the sights, sounds, interactions, and minutia of the walk itself.  That's like me and bigfooting.  I'm loving the ride.  I love the nights in the woods (whether the big guys are around or not), blogging, videos, photos, recordings, footprints, outrageous characters, science, weirdness, culture, gatherings, researchers, songs, and possibilities that abound in this crazy field.  It keeps my relatively short attention span pretty well occupied.  

The more important reason I'm in this field is that since sasquatches do in fact exist, that means that "discovery" is inevitable.  It may not happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen.  It will probably happen much sooner than any of us expect.  No matter when "discovery" happens, it is an absolute and unfortunate fact (for them) that their time is running out.  "Discovery" will be the worst thing to ever happen to sasquatches.  

My hope is that in some way I can soften the blow of discovery for them.  

I will expand on this thought more in the coming months.  But for now, I request that you ask yourself some probing questions about character and intentions.  First and foremost among these questions is, "How do you love the 'squatch?"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bigfooting with Cliff - Mt. Hood with Guy, Barney, and Craig

Last Labor day, I went bigfooting with friends of the 'squatch, Guy Edwards (from BigfootLunchClub.com), Craig Flipy (from CrappyLittleDreams.com), and Barney Rubbish (from nowhere in particular).

Here's a link to the blog entry that was made on this trip.  While we were poking around the woods, a video was made.  The following is a rough cut of that video, which may be improved upon in the future.

Nothing bigfooty really happened on the trip, but the video is still fun and slightly educational.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Phew... Done!

Hello again.

I'm back from my 'squatchy six-week adventure, so you can expect me to again be paying regular attention to this blog. I will be unable to tell you much about what I've been up to for a little while longer, but I'll fill you in as soon as I'm legally able to do so. In the meantime, I'll start sharing my thoughts on various this-and-that's starting tomorrow.

Thank you all for your kind emails, as well as your patience. It's good to be back.

Bigfootily yours,


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Remember Me?

Thank you all for your patience.  I have not forgotten...

Just another week or two more and I'll be back in full swing.  The big news won't be immediately forthcoming, but I'll drop some tantalizing hints as I'm able.

More very soon,