Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Smart Kid

Uly doing the Patterson/Gimlin Peacock!

Here's an email from a friend:

"Oh my gosh, Cliff. We were watching the opening to one of the Twilight movies. It showed mountains and trees in the Cascades. Uly said, right out of the blue, "Bigfoot lives there."

It's good to know that my friends are raising their children right.


  1. Uly frequently asks me "what sound does Bigfoot make" when we are going over our animal sounds. Smart 2 year old.

  2. I have a 6 y/o niece Olivia that is well versed in the subject known as Sasquatch... She asks me all kinds of questions that only a innocent 6 y/o can and most often ends up with laughter but also serious conversation... Her mom (my sis) does her best to make me look crazy and discredit all about the subject. Livy knows the truth though, she has seen Patty in stabilized video in which even a 6 y/o can see the truth.

    Co-Founder WA. Sasquatch Research Team (www.wasrt.com)

  3. Kids are intuitive. They see ghosts. They know Bigfoot exists. Somehow, they lose this as they get older, except a few of us lucky ones who never lose the wonder with age.