Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thom Powell's New Book

Author, educator, and friend of the 'squatch, Thom Powell, has given us thoughts on his new book, Shady Neighbors. On his blog, Thom walked us through the evolution of his newest work, the intent behind the book, as well as a bit about his personal journey as a bigfooter.

Thom Powell and Cliff Barackman

Shady Neighbors will be available through Amazon in the coming months, as well as from Thom's blog. when it becomes publicly available, I'll let you know.

Considering the impact of his first book, The Locals, I suspect this new book will also influence the bigfooting community, even though it is a work of fiction. (With his characteristic humor, Thom notes in his blog that many people thought his first book was a work of fiction as well...)

by Thom Powell

Thom is a good friend, and we've been in the field together many times. We aren't necessarily in 100% agreement about our ideas regarding the 'squatch, but I can clearly see why Thom has come to the conclusions he has. I never let differences in opinions about sasquatches come between friends. Bigfootland is a big country with room enough for all.

Enjoy the following video of Thom and I exploring the tributaries of the Clackamas River, OR.

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