Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mission: Conservation of Great Apes

Bigfoots are lucky to live in North America.  As the below video points out, the survival of great apes is directly tied to the standard of living of the humans with whom they share their habitat.  Despite current economic conditions, we North Americans enjoy among the highest standards of living in the world today.  That alleviates at least some pressure on the bigfoot population.

When you watch the clip, keep thinking, "Sasquatch."

While bigfoots might be affected by deforestation or other human influences, they are unlikely to fall prey to heavy pressure from bushmeat poachers.  We'll know that the current economic crisis is really bad when bands of people take to the woods to hunt saquatches for food...

Though it might sound ridiculous to some, I want to encourage the bigfooting community to be aware of, and maybe even help support, the various ape conservation societies that are out there (such as the Great Ape Trust, who produced this video clip).  Remember that sasquatches are undoubtedly a member of the great ape family.  Their inevitable discovery will likely place them somewhere on the ape gradient between gibbons and humans .  What we do for the other apes now will eventually be reflected upon the sasquatch.  

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  1. Very enjoyable video. And I was "thinking bigfoot" while watching it.