Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Let's go 'Squatchin" - Full Episode

I caught the Saget show thing last night as it was broadcast.  Watching it with Craig Flipy (the bigfooting-bushcraft-ninja guy in the episode, in case you don't know) at his home, I really enjoyed it.  Sure, I could nit pick, but why?  It's nice to not take the whole bigfooting thing so seriously every once in a while.  Besides, it's a comedy television show!

Though I was there and spent hours filming various interviews and data analyses, I got almost no screen time, which is fine (though some of my casts were shown, and it was me that Matt was chasing in the car).  I have to wonder what happened to the hours of stuff we filmed. The more experiences with television I have, the more I realize the power that the editors hold.

The entire show is embedded below.  Leave expectations at the door, and you won't be disappointed.  This is NOT a serious investigation into the subject.  It's a stand-up comedian going bigfooting for mass consumption by the American public.  Enjoy!

PS... Sorry about the ads.


  1. "the more power that editors hold." That's also how cable news works.

  2. I enjoy Bob Saget's dry humor and it worked perfectly with this show. I especially enjoyed it when Bigfoot answered their yells with a big ol' fart, lol.

  3. Lucky Bob, I'd of went in his place any day