Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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That Saget show that aired a week or two ago pretty much mostly featured James "Bobo" Fay and Craig Flipy.  They were the two most obviously ridiculous characters on the shoot, so this should have pretty much been expected for the comedy show that the Saget crew was trying to put together.  Plenty of people got kind of riled up about the show making bigfooters look bad, and those people probably won't like this blog post very much.  I didn't mind the treatment, but then again, I wasn't prominently featured (luckily).

Crappy Little Dreams: Gotta Live 'Em!

My regular bigfooting buddy (and friend of the 'squatch), Craig Flipy, was one of the main people with Saget for most of the shoot.  I posted a blog article regarding Craig's website earlier in the year, and now Craig has taken to trying to update his own blog once in a while, too.

Craig's most recent blog details his perspective on being at the Saget shoot.  His outlook on this adventure is unique in many ways, as could probably be guessed by Craig's obvious, well, "uniqueness."  (Being "unique" is kind of a prerequisite for being a close friend of mine, as "normal" people pretty much make me nervous.)

Included on Craig's blog are his audition tape for the gig (which also can be seen below because I think it's funny), as well as several embarrassing moments from Bob Saget's career (just to even things out a little, I suppose).  Several of the clips aren't exactly family-oriented, so be forewarned.  Unlike me, Craig isn't trying to run a youth-friendly blog.  

Craig Flipy's audition tape for "Strange Days with Bob Saget"

Also of interest in this slightly whacked-out audition tape is the song playing behind it: "Flippy Rap."  It was composed and performed by the now-no-longer Southern Californian female rap duo, Foxy Autopsy.  Note the prevalence of the word, "weirdo" in the song.  Yes, it was written for and about Craig Flipy.  One of the two members of Foxy Autopsy went on to actually marry Craig in October.  I can't say it was love at first sight for them, but it proves that perseverance is the key to getting what you want.

If you're interested in an edgy and weird outlook on the bigfooting world (or whatever world Craig inhabits), you might want to drop by the Crappy Little Dreams Blog every now and again to check things out.  It might make you laugh, or it could possibly even slightly offend you.  Either way, you'll be a better person for peeking into this guy's strange little world.  (And Bob Saget thinks his days are strange!)  

Craig Flipy and Bob Saget getting along nicely.

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  1. I enjoyed the show, but was sorry you were not on it more. I'm sure it helped to get people "talking bigfoot"!