Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bonus Material from "Strange Days with Bob Saget"

The original pitch for "Strange Days with Bob Saget" was for a series of one-hour episodes.  For whatever reason, the individual episodes were later cut down to half-hour shows (22 minutes without commercials), which means that a lot (or most) of what we filmed ended up on the digital equivalent of the metaphorical cutting room floor.  We filmed some great stuff, and even some of the production crew was disappointed that so much of what went on would not be used in the on-air episode.

Cliff Barackman casting Bob Saget's footprint

Recently, A&E Television has started posting some of this unused clips as "bonus material," presumably for use as extra features on a future DVD.  Over the next several days, I will be posting the videos (as I find them) for your enjoyment, starting with the clip below.

The context of this clip is that Bob was interested in hearing what a sasquatch might sound like, so Paul Graves and I were asked to share some recordings with him.  We played recordings of elk, coyotes, barred owls, and finally a few of sasquatches for Bob so he could compare their vocalizations.  Not all of what transpired made the clip, but the Ohio Howl bigfoot vocalization did.  Enjoy!

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