Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jane Goodall in the News

Most readers of this blog know of my undying support for Jane Goodall.  I have written numerous blogs entries about her, so go ahead and use the "search this blog" function on the right hand sidebar and read them.

For Cliff - Together we can reveal
 the secrets still out there.
- Jane Goodall

She is again rearing her lovely head on this blog because she has been getting some media attention.  We are all celebrating her 50th anniversary of when Jane first started her field research in Gombe National Park in Eastern Africa.

Tomorrow night on 60 Minutes, Dr. Goodall will be featured in a segment, along with the Jane Goodall Institute's videographer, Bill Wallauer, who tracked chimpanzees through Gombe National Park for 15 years.  Click here to see a preview of the segment.

Just a few days ago on October 22, 2010, Dr. Goodall was featured as ABC Nightly News' "Person of the Week."  Here is the segment for you to enjoy:

To hear Dr. Goodall give her opinion on sasquatches, click this link and scroll down.

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  1. Yes, I saw the 60 minutes segment. Ms. Goodall is a lovely presence and very much appreciated for her work. Without people like her, endangered species like the Chimpanzees would surely be vanished in short order. Because she has learned and taught us so much about the specialness of these primates, her opinion about Bigfoot is extremely important. She is tuned in to these animals in a way that no one else in the world may share. So we need to take her work as a lesson that as we come down to the wire in our collective search for 'proof' of their existence, we should concurrently come to understand that they should be protected in the same way that other non-human, low population count, special creatures are protected. We should note that Jane and her colleagues learned about the transmission of virii from humans to chimps,and that we cannot discount a similar risk with BF. All said, the very best we as humans and stewards of the planet can do is to study but not disturb these magnificent natural cryptids. SAR