Monday, October 4, 2010

Dr. John Bindernagel's New Book

Dr. John Bindernagel has published a new sasquatch book.  His first book, North America's Great Ape: the Sasquatch was an excellent examination of the parallels between great ape behavior and the observed behaviors of sasquatches.  This new book is more about the discovery process itself.  Here's what Beachcomber books has to say about Dr. Bindernagel's new book.

In The Discovery of the Sasquatch, biologist John Bindernagel reconsiders much of the prevailing knowledge regarding the sasquatch. Illustrating evidence which contradicts the widely held perception of the sasquatch as merely a cultural phenomenon—a myth, hallucination, imaginary being, misidentified bear, or hoax—he explains why criteria such as testability, consistency, predictive power, and simplicity actually support an alternative hypothesis: the sasquatch as an extant mammal.

This is a book about the sasquatch, but it is more specifically about the discovery process. It examines scientific and social factors that can prevent discoveries from being recognized, particularly when a discovery claim is perceived as unlikely, premature, or without a theoretical basis. Bindernagel examines how these factors have affected our perceptions of the sasquatch, and how they may have influenced scientific attitudes toward this controversial subject. By reconciling the social and scientific components of discovery, he shows how the various forms of evidence for the sasquatch can be viewed in the context of a prolonged discovery process. In doing so, he provides a bold new perspective explaining the need to reconsider—and perhaps challenge—long-standing prevailing knowledge about the sasquatch.

The book is now available from Beachcomber Books.  Click this link to get your copy.

Dr. Bindernagel and Cliff Barackman
on expedition in September, 2007.

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