Friday, September 3, 2010

Video of the PG Site, 2010

This past July, I had the opportunity to once again visit the Patterson/Gimlin film site in Northern California, as detailed in a previous blog post.  Bigfoot field researcher, and friend of the 'squatch, Matt Pruitt took a short video that day, and for those of you bigfooters who have not yet visited this Mecca, here is the video.

Watching this is almost like being there... except for the cool waters of Bluff Creek caressing your feet and ankles, the awesome sense of history that is tangible in the air, and the very real possibility of having your own bigfoot encounter at any turn in the creek.  Still, it's almost like being there...  kind of.


  1. Nice. Thanks, Cliff. I'd heard the site has changed a great deal. It's interesting to actually see it.

  2. Cliff, sometimes I think Daniel's "X" on the map does not correspond with his locating of the site on the ground. Both times I have witnesses who saw him on-site say that he was walking around downstream at "the gulch" area. Your site IS where the "X" is, and that is supposed to come from Rene Dahinden. Let us hope it is accurate. Even John Green, in an email to me today, admits he could not at all identify the site for sure in 2003.