Sunday, September 26, 2010

Updates from the Olympic Project

Being good friends with many of today's most active bigfooters has its perks.  Breaking bigfoot news usually reaches my ears before those of the general public.  Recent bigfoot activity gets passed my way in casual conversation, and often invitations get extended for future forays into these same areas.

One great perk to being so well hooked-up is that I see some amazing photographs.  Sometimes these photos are of purported sasquatches, though that is rare.  More often, photos of the more common wildlife species are sent.  These are the subject of this blog.

Could this be a sasquatch?  Look here for details.

The Olympic Project has been a continual source of fantastic wildlife photographs.  Their steady stream of apex predator photos tells me that they are doing something right.  Many people who live in the forested areas of North America have never even seen a mountain lion, but the Olympic Project has captured literally dozens of photos of these elusive felines over the course of this past year.

The Olympic Project is still going strong.  Derek Randles, Rich Germeau, and their colleagues still climb to the ridge lines of the Olympic Mountains on a regular basis hoping to capture one of the "big guys" on film.  They've been doing this for one year, and they have given themselves four more.  We reap the benefits from the comfort of our computer chairs.  Enjoy the following photos, courtesy of the Olympic Project!

A closer look.

Cute and deadly.

Mom and two cubs.

A road walk.

Mountain goat and kid.

Winter bobcat.

Pack of coyotes.


Let me lick you.

Part of a herd.

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  1. cliff can you do live action bigfoot hunts. on your off season, weather permits. thanks.