Sunday, September 5, 2010

McKenzie River Footage: An Unfolding Investigation

When Matt Moneymaker and I were in Pennsylvania at the end of August, he received a voicemail indicating that new possible footage of a sasquatch had been obtained.  He immediately put a call to the BFRO's video expert to make contact with the reporting party to see if the footage was anything more than the usual blobsquatch.  

We soon received news that the footage wasn't too bad.  Matt asked me to investigate it for him since I live only a few hours away from the location.  Of course, I was happy to oblige!

The best stabilization and enhancement of the footage
so far was done by KatHouse Video Productions.

As information started slowly trickling in, we found that some of the information and assumptions made about the footage were incorrect.  For example, the reporting party was neither the man in the boat nor the videographer.  He was just a friend who put us in touch with the other parties.  Secondly, the footage was not recently obtained, but taken over two years ago in June of 2008.  These facts don't take away from the image of the figure in the video.  In fact, the lapse in time would indicate that it isn't a hoax, since hoaxers tend to seek attention soon after their dirty deed is done.

Clearly, the figure in the footage is either a man or a sasquatch.  If the size of the figure can be determined, it might show that the figure is too big to be a man.  (At least that is my hope at this point, but we'll see where the data brings me.)

I am currently undertaking the task of trying to determine the size of the figure using several independent methods.  My reasoning is that if I arrive at a similar height using three or four independent means of determining the figure's height, it is most likely fairly accurate.  

A visit to the site is now being planned.  Consultation with experts in statistics and anatomy is also underway for use in my analysis.  After sufficient data is gathered and analyzed, I will publish all of my results and methods for peer review.  

This is going to take a little while, folks.  I'm going to do the best and most thorough job I can, and I refuse to pump out shallow garbage for your consumption.  Please be patient with me.  If the footage surfaced in the middle of summer, it might be a different story, but my students come for their first day of school on Wednesday.  A teacher's obligation weighs heavily on his mind this time of year.  I've been distracted with things of a less-than-squatchy nature (even though that seems atypical for me).  

More soon, I promise!


  1. Cliff, you're probably all over this, but is there a higher resolution original? Usually the Youtube videos are compressed and lower resolution. Was the original shot in High Def?
    Good work and keep it up.

  2. There's a second figure to the left--looks like a person with brown hair and a khaki shirt getting up from a sitting/kneeling position. Intriguing, but pretty clear it's just a couple people hanging out on the river's edge. Or, at least, a human hanging out with a Squatch.


  3. piqued,
    I thought I saw that also. The light changes on it like it moves to a low on all fours position, light colored body to the left head to the right just before the dark figure stands up.

  4. If you look closely on the left hand side in the first bits of footage there appears to be another guy kneeling down. He goes to stand up then sits back down, then the 'big foot' stands up. I have circled them in red in the image below.

    So unless 'Big Foot' enjoys hanging round with humans in the woods in real life like he does in his TV show with the Hendersons ;) then this is just another badly produced fake.

  5. "with brown hair and a khaki shirt" ?

    "there appears to be another guy kneeling down. He goes to stand up then sits back down, then the 'big foot' stands up."

    --the problem becomes in what "appears", since the YT video is so compressed, nothing is so clear upon zooming in. People who see "obvious" humans there are as apt to "see" what they already believe. I also think this train of thought comes from the fact that so many at first saw "a" (or one) bigfoot, then everyone else noticing one or two other figures assumed a debunking was in order. But, at least one analysis has it at two bigfoots. Bigfeet? (Forgive the LOTR reference...)

    The original footage would help, and more analysis. Apparently the area in question has a lot of campgrounds and is not as much wilderness as some have assumed.

  6. I don't believe anything, really. And if I saw what I wanted to see, there'd be an entire Baptist choir of giant hairy hominids lined up on that bank, and maybe one on a rubber ducky on the water. And the "human" figure is more detailed than the purported Squatch.


  7. I just noticed something I never picked up on the original clip, Look at how much reflective light there is from the head area ! Would hair do that or is there somerhing being worn on the head ?