Monday, September 20, 2010

The Chehalis Project

A decade ago, a sighting report was submitted to the BFRO that started a two-year effort to obtain photographs of sasquatches that seemed to be frequenting a rural homestead outside of Chehalis, WA.  This sighting report was investigated by then-BFRO member Thom Powell.  

Details of the investigation can be read elsewhere, and there are even media articles detailing the "Chehalis Project," but I wanted to bring the following short clip to your attention.  On December 30, 2001 several shadowy images were recorded on a remote camera at the site.  These images just might be the first photographs ever taken of a sasquatch on a remote camera system.  

These photographs are by no means conclusive.  They are, however, quite interesting.  I am particularly taken by the second image which seems to show a slightly stooped figure with a possible dome-shaped head.  It is also important to note that Thom mounted the camera nearly 8 feet off the ground.

In his excellent book, The Locals, Thom gives great detail about his investigations on the site.   Things eventually got a little weird there, including possible break-ins at the property, and the project was abandoned.  However, what most people do not know is that the bigfoot action continued after the investigations terminated and the technology was removed from the property.

"Allen" and "April" no longer live at the site, but they still live nearby.  They have continued to be interested in the bigfoot mystery, and have shared locations that have had recent bigfoot activity just outside of town.

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  1. Love the blog... Thanks for reminding me to read Thom's book... keep up the great work.