Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bigfoot Moped Trip and More

One of my most frequent field partners, and friend of the 'squatch, Craig Flipy has revamped his website, and I thought you should know.  Obviously, there is a certain bigfootiness about his website, but what most folks don't realize is how dedicated this guy is to the subject.  He started with an interest in bigfoots that would eventually force him to undertake an odyssey of monumental proportions: a solo moped ride from Long Beach, CA to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.  Along the way his activities would be centered around punk rock shows, going bigfooting, and taking survival courses.

Crazy?  Yeah.  So what?

Live your dreams, baby.  Live your dreams.

If you haven't met him, take it from me that Craig is no less than awesome.  He studies ninjitsu, bushcraft, film making, and bigfooting.  His sense of humor ranges from dry and witty to just plain stupid (in a good way).  Bob Saget thought he was hilarious.

Craig Flipy, Tom Yamarone, Bob Saget, and James "Bobo" Fay

So, while everyone awaits my findings on the McKenzie River Footage (trust me, I have been quiet, but not idle), sit back and enjoy somebody else's voyage into the unknown.  Explore Craig's website.  Watch his YouTube videos.  Read his moped story and smile about somebody living their dreams.  Then, most importantly, go live yours.


  1. Cliff,

    Look closely at all the flattened rocks on the rocky beach where the 'subjects' are, its that popular of a campsite and scouting spot for Fishladder Rapids. The earth is worn down in the campsite and dirt road in as well.

    Please read my report OK.


  2. Rocks near riverbanks are more likely to be flattened by time and rushing water than by human steps, lol. I'm no geologist, but come on. At the time this video was made, the river was high and the rapids were more forceful than they often are; it's easy to imagine that river overrunning that bank many times in the last, oh, few thousand years.

    While the argument that this area has several campgrounds may be a good indicator that this is a person, not a bigfoot, the argument that these flattened rocks indicate a human presence is laughable.

  3. Love the LCD blog - Craig is rad.