Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bigfoot Bash and Bounty, 2010

This past Saturday, the third (?) annual Bigfoot Bash and Bounty was held in Home Valley Park, just a few miles east of Carson, WA.  I attended last year's Bash and found the festivities to be fun and very "home town."  Though I had only returned from bigfooting the night before, I felt compelled to make the hour drive up the Columbia River Gorge to see what was going on at the Bash.  

Dr. Robert Pyle addressing the crowd.

I arrived during Dr. Robert Pyle's presentation.  He was eloquently encouraging the crowd to keep an open mind on the subject when a familiar voice asked me, "Who invited you?"  Turning towards the sarcasm, I found my good friend Thom Powell striding up to me in greeting.  Thom was scheduled to speak later in the day, so he and I had a chance to catch up before his talk.  Since Thom is also a teacher, we usually spend a fair amount of time together during the summer, but this year we seemed to have missed the opportunity, each of us having our own distractions.

Thom Powell talking about his research.

Earlier in the day, Larry Lund gave a presentation on the PG Film and it's so-called "missing frames."  These frames are actually just over exposed frames that appear blank as Roger's hand slipped from the trigger (the model of camera that Roger used requires the trigger to be held down while filming, so lifting the pressure off of the trigger would cause the camera to stop filming).  I got a chance to have a great conversation with Larry, as well as to look through his scrap book full of historic photographs of various bigfooters he has known over the last 40 years.  

There were many other bigfooters in attendance.  Peter Byrne, Joe Beelart, Cliff Olsen, Kirk Sigurdsen, and others were roaming about, open for conversation.  The Yeti Beer Garden was the epicenter for enthralling conversations, which was the real joy of this informal event.  

The Cliffs: Barackman and Olsen.

I look forward to seeing this gathering grow over the years.  There were significantly more people there this year than last, so I expect great things from future Bashes.  

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