Monday, August 16, 2010

Wenatchee World Article

This article from the Wenatchee World newspaper was recently brought to my attention.  Thanks for the shout out, Paul!

The Worm: ‘Strange Days,’ sightings from NCW

“Strange Days” search: In NCW, you’re probably more likely to encounter a Sasquatch than a celebrity. Now Paul Graves of Wenatchee has done both.
Standup comic and former “Full House” star Bob Saget embarks on a new TV project with his A&E reality show “Strange Days,” due to premiere on the cable channel sometime this year. The show features Saget immersing himself in “different unusual cultures from the world of mail-order brides to joining a survivalist cult prepping for the end of the world to rushing a fraternity,” according to A&E.
Q: What does this guy have in common with the guy below? A: Mysterious, unconfirmable sightings in NCW.
Among the show’s early expeditions was a three-day Olympic Peninsula quest for Sasquatch, led in part by Wenatchee artist, musician and cryptid-hunter Graves, 49. He’s long been associated with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a private group that seeks out evidence of the mysterious woodland humanoids (called “Choanito,” or “Night People,” by the Wenatchi Indians).
Graves estimates he’s probed some 300 Sasquatch reports in the Wenatchee area alone, most recently a direct visual sighting up Blewett Pass five weeks ago. He’s also recorded what he believes are Sasquatch calls, and played one for Saget’s crew that he captured near Lake Wenatchee two years ago.
Saget and his crew joined Graves and fellow researchers, including Cliff Barackman of Portland (who blogged the affair) and Tom Yamarone of Pleasanton, Calif., for their Bigfoot-hunting weekend in early April. The segment has no confirmed airdate as yet. Graves said he felt the show producers were impressed with the expedition.
“It’s always an interesting subject for the public, and it’s one that’s not gonna go away,” he said.

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