Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beachfoot 2010

This past weekend I attended an informal gathering of bigfooters brought together by Todd Neiss in the Oregon Coast Range Mountains.  The gathering has become known as "Beachfoot" over the years, and is a small affair of good friends coming together to talk 'squatch and celebrate our quirky hobby.  While I was happy to have been even invited last year, I was honored this year by being asked to speak at the event along with Diane Stocking and Peter Byrne.

Beachfoot 2010 was a completely non-profit event.  Silent auctions were held for various items, and 100% of the proceeds went to support three Nepalese orphans that Peter Byrne has taken under his wing.  These children are now in a boarding school and on their way towards a brighter future thanks to Mr. Byrne.

Enjoy my photographs from the event:

Todd Neiss and a friend.

Ron Moorehead belting out some tunes.

The matching hats of Tom Yamarone and Peter Byrne.

Don't mess with Joe Beelart!

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