Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sasquotes - A New Feature

Reading quotes has always been fun for me.  It might be my attention span, but I love short, condensed pearls of wisdom or humor.  Bigfooting abounds with such pearls.  Some make me laugh, others make me think more deeply about a topic.  Occasionally, some make me want to vomit.  As long as it affects me on some level, I don't mind.  

I thought I'd start to toss you some memorable quotes said by personalities in the bigfooting world.  The first such installment is one of the most widely circulated quotes in Bigfootland.  It is true on so many levels, and in so many unrelated fields, that it deserves its prominent place as first in this series.  

Enjoy this entry, and this new feature as you see it occasionally resurface over the coming months.

"Without the facts, your opinion is of no value." 
- Rene Dahinden

I love Mr. Dahinden's knowing smirk.

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