Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gordon Creek Rock Throwing

Below is a comment that was submitted to another of my blog posts recently.  I was leaving town the same day I read the comment, so I could not investigate this myself.  

Gordon Creek: a place to remain concealed.

This is the fourth or fifth incident that has been reported to me in the last two years from within a few miles of this location.  It seems that at least one sasquatch uses Gordon Creek as a route of travel to and from the Sandy River.  The mouth of Gordon Creek is a large sand bar on which tracks could be left and found several days afterwards.  There's only one of me, so if you live near this area please be my eyes and ears on the ground in this region.  Let me know what you find by contacting me here.  

Heres' the comment:

I am a resident that lives in Corbett Oregon. Yesterday the 14th of July around 5:00 pm my brother and I went fishing along the Sandy River down the road from our house. We fished off Gordon Creek road just where the creek flows into the Sandy, it's across from Oxbow Park. 

When we first arrived there were about 30 or so summer time swimmers hanging around the river. By 7:00 pm everyone had cleared out. Tired from walking the river we were ready to head in ourselves, but wanted to try one more spot close to where we parked the truck. If you know the area you will know the spot I'm talking about. The middle of the river has a huge fallen tree half on the sand bar (island) the other half submerged in the river. We decided to fish that spot at about 7:15pm when immediately huge stones were being toss into the river in our direction not all at once, but every 3 - 5 minutes. 

Normally I would think it was kids being rambunctious, however these stones were large, 10 lbs or larger in some cases, and they were thrown from the shadow of the woods that had to be at least 60 feet away from the river bank. The stones continued to be tossed until we walked away from the center island area. It continued for about 20 minutes until we walked the opposite side of the river along Gordon Creek road. 

I am about 220 lbs and very strong. I can’t throw big rocks like that from such a distance and stay hidden way back in the woods. My brother thinks maybe kids had a catapult or the rocks were not as big as we thought, but when you hear a plunk instead of a splash that tells you they were not little river rocks. 

The area in question is directly across that fallen tree on the oxbow side of the river. A good point of reference is you will see an old wood fence along the river that has been broke for years it is a small section of fence about ten feet long at best. From that fence about 100 to 200 yards left of that is where the activity took place. I guess I must think It's possibly more than kids if I took all this time to write this. 

I hope it helps!

To whoever was kind enough to report this to me,

Thank you, and yes this certainly helps.  While I was unable to investigate your report personally due to out of town commitments, data like this helps determine patterns that could be useful later.  The BFRO report linked above occurred at the end of July as well, so already a pattern is emerging.  Other reports from this area include the throwing of heavy rocks.  Your data is important, so thank you for letting me know about it!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled, and let me know if you run into anything else of interest!  


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  1. I grew Up in the Corbett/Aims area of Oregon, while living there we never spotted anything but we definately heard the whoops, the growls and the howls, never really were sure what they were until we started hearing recordings. I am here to tell you they are there. I havent lived in the area for 25 yrs. I am know 43 and it still gives me chills to hear those sounds. Investigate the Aims, Gordon creek, and larch Mountain area's.