Friday, July 30, 2010

Going Back to Cali, Part 2

Continued from a previous post...

The next leg of our journey took us back to Highway 96, past Weitchepec, and over Bald Hills Road to the coast.  (The same route that Roger and Bob took to drive their film out of the wilds of Bluff Creek.) Quite a bit more of this dusty road is now paved than it was when I drove it last year.  Not enough though, judging by the the quarter inch of fine dust that coated my vehicle inside and out...

A view from Bald Hills Road.

When we reached the other side of Bald Hills, we met up with Bart Cutino and Rob Day in Orick, CA.  After a quick bite, we developed a plan that took us outside of Crescent City, CA where we were to meet up with several other bigfooters that would be arriving the next day.  We drove up Rowdy Creek Road and camped on a saddle on the edge of the burn left over from the devastating Biscuit Fire from a few years back.

That night was still and warm, and our calls echoed off of distant unseen ridges.  Though no bigfoot activity was noted that night, it was a lovely evening spent under a ridiculously starry sky with good friends.  We fell asleep sometime after 4 am, and the scorching Sun rudely woke us a few short hours later.

That day we were scheduled to meet up with a crew of other bigfooters in Crescent City around 3 pm.  That gave Will and I a few hours to try some surf perch fishing on the beaches south of the city.  A couple hours of standing in the waves yielded no fish, but was refreshing for my soul.  The ocean is one of the few things I dearly miss since moving to Portland a few years ago, and I only rarely make the drive to the coast.

At 3 pm, we met up with the rest of our crew.  Kathy and Bob Strain (of the AIBR) were joined by Jerry Riedel, Brian Brown (of the Bigfoot Information Project), Monica Frank Rawlings, her son Riley, Chris Buntenbah, and Tom Yamarone.  A motley crue, to say the least, but one brimming with knowledge and experience.

Speaking of a motley crue...  Bob Strain,
Cliff Barackman, Tom Yamarone, and Bart Cutino.

After our rounds of hello's and greetings, we headed to the hills.  Our destination would eventually be determined by scouting the dusty roads adjacent to the Smith River near the Oregon border.  We found an out-of-the-way base camp near a quiet stream and settled in.

The next day or two was passed hanging with friends in the daytime, taking refreshing dips in the river, and doing the standard bigfooting stuff at night.  A significant highlight was stumbling on a perfectly good Slayer shirt at a swimming hole.  Tyler Bounds claimed this prize, and I'm sure he'll wear it proudly at the show he's attending in the fall.

Tyler with his prize.

On Monday I traded my passenger (Will) for Tyler Bounds, and he and I would spend the next three nights rolling up the Oregon Coast, and bigfooting in the lush Coast Range on our way.  But currently, my time is short, so that's the subject for another installment of this blog.  Check back in a couple days for that tale.

(Now, I have to pack to head to the woods.  Pardon me...)

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  1. Cliff, are you sure they used Bald Hills Road? I know that is what Al Hodgson says Roger Patterson said, but Gimlin says otherwise... as does the timeline.