Monday, May 10, 2010

Bigfoot Found in the Redwoods

This 2008 California Redwood tourism video featuring our favorite environmental icon was recently brought to my attention.  It's corny, sure, but it either serves to heighten awareness of the animal in a small, harmless way, or it shows how prominent the 'squatch already is for the general public.
While the species still enjoys the protection of most folks not even thinking they're real animals, we should continue to expect light-hearted depictions such as this.  Sometimes I ponder how, or even if, this will  change after their eventual acceptance by the scientific community.  I suspect that bigfoots will become a high-profile icon for environmentalism and the green industry in general.  Smoky the Bear, for example, might be forced out of his cultural niche by a sasquatch in ranger's clothing.  We'll see.

By the way, it is not only wise for tourism boards to use sasquatches for promotion, it is wise for bigfooters to listen to their claims.  The redwoods are in fact an excellent place to go bigfooting.  The areas of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties in California are not only exceedingly beautiful, but they are exceedingly squatchy.  I personally know several people who have had sightings in Redwood National Park and the surrounding areas.

The redwoods are really 'squatchy.

Go check out the redwoods out if you can.  They are easy to get to, and are really one of Earth's greatest treasures.  Some coastal redwood trees tower at well over 350 feet tall, and can be over 2200 years old!  These forests have the feel of the holiest of cathedrals, or the grandest of monuments.  Having stood and even slept under the canopies of these giants, my words seem inadequate to describe the experience.  Go experience it for yourself.

Here's the video, and be sure to read the blurb from the California's Redwood Coast website that follows.

"From the Northern California redwoods from where Bigfoot originated, here is proof that the hairy fellow lives...and loves. Why is this place his home? 

Simple. He loves the redwoods. And Humboldt County has the tallest, largest and oldest in the world. In fact, half of the world's old growth redwoods are in the county, mostly in Redwood National & State Parks as well as along the renowned Avenue of the Giants. 

Bigfoot often escapes to the nearby mountains, especially around Willow Creek, home to the world's largest Bigfoot museum, as well as the location of the first Bigfoot encounter in 1958. 

The tall trees on the Redwood Coast include not one but three drive-thru redwoods. So if you want to visit the place where the legend of Bigfoot began, contact us so we can help arrange a sighting of the hairy hominid of Humboldt for you today. or 800-346-3482."

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