Monday, April 19, 2010

Teanaway Trail Cams

Trail cameras are a lot of fun. Every time I check a camera's memory card, it's like opening up a wrapped present. However, unlike opening a wrapped present, sometimes the box is empty.

Most of my trail camera efforts are short duration deployments, usually just a few days. This is partly because of the limited number of cameras I own, and partly because of the strategy I'm using with them. I usually go into a likely 'squatch spot and make a lot of noise in an effort to arouse the curiosity of the local wildlife. I then place cameras to monitor likely avenues of approaching my camp.

Long-term deployments are a slightly different thing. The locations are usually chosen using strategic avenues of travel, often combined with scent attractants. The cameras are left from anywhere between two to ten weeks (or more), and are best placed well away from the normal paths of most humans.

I recently ran across some excellent Youtube videos showing amazing images of wildlife taken on trail cameras. The images were taken in the Teanaway Valley located east of Seattle, WA. Whoever made this video has several others, and they are all well worth watching. Enjoy!

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  1. I love the coyotes - especially the first one that plays for the camera. They all looked like they could tell something was going on.