Thursday, April 1, 2010

Martian Bigfoot

Not being one to lie about bigfoot stuff, I found it difficult to find a suitable April Fool's post.  I think this will do the trick in the spirit of this unofficial holiday...

I love it when bigfoot emerges in the popular culture. Everybody could use a little bigfoot in their lives, even the masses.

When there was a bigfoot sighting on Mars, I laughed. It was a while ago, and maybe you remember. Especially if you're a bigfoot-nerd like me. Here's a link to refresh your memory.

Bigfoot sitting on a Mars rock?
The Martian Bigfoot

Of course there was a bigfoot sighting on Mars. Everybody loves the 'squatch. Even JPL folks.

This very well might be the first bigfoot sighting outside of our planet. I love witnessing history.

Well, maybe not the first bigfoot sighting...

The sighting was obviously just a cool looking rock.

I've seen rocks, trees, stumps, bushes, and other animals that all looked like sasquatches for a moment or two. Sometimes I have to look at these dark shapes for some time to be sure of what I'm staring at. I sometimes wonder if I've ever looked right at a sasquatch and thought it was a stump or perhaps something else. A couple times? I hope so.

Anyways, I love that we sometimes see them where they are not. It makes me ask, "What can be learned from this?"

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