Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bobo!

Barely more human than 'squatch himself, James "Bobo" Fay is a man who is hard to describe.  His booming voice perfectly fits his looming stature.  (I have to wonder if there are infrasonic frequencies when he greets me as "Cliffordo," or "Cliffage," because it always changes my mood for the better.)  He is a friend of anyone having a good time, but a dire threat to anyone ruining the pleasant vibes of a gathering or party.  He was a roadie for the band Sublime.  He was one of the first big wave surfers on the West Coast.  He has worked as a professional bigfooter, logger, crab fisherman, road worker, and unit producer for numerous television programs.  He was one of the three organizers of last year's amazing Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up in honor of Bob Gimlin.  In October, 2009 he earned the Community Policing Award from the Mayor of Healdsburg, CA.  The unending stories about his bizarre life will make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Bobo receiving his award.
Photo by Tom Yamarone.

I have spent countless nights in the woods with Bobo from the thorny chaparel forests of Southern California to the wet coastal swamps of British Columbia, and most places in between.  Like a brother, he is by far one of my favorite field partners.  His knowledge of the nighttime woods is hard to beat, and he is utterly fearless in any situation.  He knows the Bluff Creek watershed better than almost anybody, and has been researching that valley and the surrounding areas for decades.

Some of my most intense sasquatch encounters have been when Bobo was by my side.  Once when faced with angry primate intimidation displays, we found ourselves giggling with joy and excitement.  Not the response the bigfoots were looking for...

Exactly two years ago in the  woods outside of Yreka, CA, "the Bobes" and I shared another curious encounter.  At 12:15 AM we heard two creatures whistling and knocking back and forth to each other.  Talk about a great birthday present for Bobo!

Cliff Barackman and James "Bobo" Fay on the Klamath River
shooting an episode of MonsterQuest.

Bobo has had numerous other encounters with sasquatches over his twenty plus years of bigfooting.  His most famous encounter was with John Freitas, when Bobo spotted "the big one" that lives outside of Orick, CA.

With a personality like Bobo's it's easy to see why he is sought after for television and video work.  Below is a video by the band Fishbone doing a cover song of Sublime's "Date Rape."  Bobo plays the convict in the story, but if you look at the 2 minute and 57 second mark, you'll see Bobo chasing his prey walking like a bigfoot!

Today is Bobo's birthday.  It is with a huge smile that I send this birthday greeting to a huge friend.

Happy birthday, Bobo!


  1. Happy Birthday Bobo! I remember the night I made a curry and you sat in my chair, talked about the store Pickypickypicky.
    It was a nice night.

  2. Bobo and I used to surf together in the early 90's. We surfed the Jetties in Eureka. We both had black labs (his was unfortunately shot by the Arcata PD). He is a top notch guy. On one Friday dusk surfing session at the north jetty he was "helped" out of the water by a whale. I dont know if he will ever get this, but hey to Bobo from Adam B from the Outer Banks of NC.

  3. In the 90's Bobo and I used to surf the north jetty in NorCal. We both had black labs (his was shot by the Arcata PD in a clear case of unlawful use of deadly force- 20 years later it still makes me upset). Anyway, one Friday afternoon sunset surf session Bobo got 'helped' out of the surf zone by none other than a California Grey Whale. It was an epic surf day and he paddles north and the next thing I see is him running up the beach waving his arms in excitement about his whale encounter. He is a great dude, I dont know if after all these years he will remember me, but tell him Adam B from NC says hey.

  4. Bobo should investigate the Oungah Bunghga of Northern Kenya. It is possibly the missing link to North American Bigfeet.

  5. Happy B-DAY Bobo.when are you guys coming to Texas...

  6. I agree. 2 sightings in the last 6 months in my small town in Texas. Would be epic to share my 2 experiences on the show or at the town hall at least.

  7. Happy Birthday BOBO!!!!!

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  9. Happy Birthday Bobo! Keep it Squatchy bud!

  10. Happy Birthday BoBo!!! Have a great day & keep it squatchy!!! :-)

  11. hey bobo, I hope you have a great b-day And for your birthday I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have the bigfoot sighting of a life time, as long as bigfoot don't give you any birthday punches in your arm you should be good.. have a drink for me thanks.....

  12. hi my daughter was born april 14 2015 happy birthday bobo