Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bigfooting With Bob Saget

That's right.  This past weekend I went bigfooting with Bob Saget.

Bob Saget, the Grays Harbor cast, and Cliff Barackman

A couple of months ago I was invited to accompany Bob Saget on a bigfooting trip to the Olympic Peninsula.  Bob is in production of a new series for the Arts and Entertainment Cable Television Channel in which he immerses himself into groups who do eccentric things, and for some reason bigfooting is considered eccentric.  Even though I believe bigfooting is a perfectly normal pastime, I agreed to do the show.

I met up with a dozen or so other bigfooters on Thursday night at Derek Randles' property.  Earlier that evening I participated in a radio interview from the road, so my arrival was delayed for several hours.  Happy to be out of my vehicle, I wandered around the property greeting old friends.  I was treated to a hot bowl of Vietnamese soup and a beer, both of which helped me unwind from the long drive.

Some of the gang in Derek's shop.

While not wanting to provide too much information about this episode of Bob's upcoming series, I would like to briefly mention some of the many, many amazing things that happened on the trip.

First of all, Bob has always been interested in the bigfoot subject (that was no surprise to me, everybody loves the 'squatch).  He takes it as seriously as a professional comedian can take anything, and had some great conversations about the current research with many of the participants.

Paul Graves, Cliff Barackman, Tom Yamarone,
Bob Saget, and James "Bobo" Fay

Bob accompanied several of us on a night walk on Friday night.  He was mesmerized by the night vision technology that we use in our quest for footage, passing the units around to all the crew members even if it meant they needed to temporarily drop their cameras.  He was amused by our efforts to call to sasquatches, but highly respectful at the same time.  In fact, his attitude throughout was one of respect for us.  I expected him to heckle us a lot more than he did.

Most of Saturday was spent filming elsewhere before Bob returned to Derek's property for that evening's efforts.  That night he was to be a passenger and camera operator in a mobile therming team.  We attached two "R2 Units" (Thermal Eye 5000xp imagers) to the top of his vehicle and set up monitors in the back seat.  I drove another vehicle with Matt Pruitt operating another R2 unit on top as the scouting vehicle.  We ended up driving for an hour or so up a nearby logging road and spotted a herd of deer, but not much else.  Again, Bob was blown away by the sophisticated technology used in pursuit of our hairy quarry.

Bob Saget's bigfooting ride for the evening.

Whether it was jamming tunes with Tom Yamarone and Paul Graves in a teepee, or letting me cast his footprint in mud, Bob was gracious, polite, and professional at all times.  He seemed genuinely touched by our hospitality, and actually teared up a little when saying his goodbyes.  It was a pleasure to provide a glimpse into our little bigfooty world for him, and I expect his show will portray us in a good light.

Keep checking back for updates on when the series is expected to air.  Right now, the best guess is sometime this summer.

Bob said that he usually doesn't do impressions...

The cast is coming soon to a footprint database near you!


  1. Great shots Cliff! thanks for sharing!

  2. Bob Saget? Huh. I never would have guessed it. The gear you guys had looks cool. I always thought vehicle mounted thermals would be a good tool; certainly there are lots of roads to travel in places. Do you drive by night vision? Looks like you all had a good time.

  3. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. Linda from Bigfoot Ballyhoo

  4. Very cool! Any idea when the show will air?