Friday, March 19, 2010

Peeping-Tom Bigfoot?

It's not often that somebody snaps a photograph of anything when a bigfoot encounter is happening. Most witnesses are understandably too distracted to fumble with cameras.

This past summer, a witness had the clarity of mind to snap three photographs of the large man-shaped shadow that was looming outside of her trailer window. When the photos were taken, the witness who took the photos thought there was a man looking in the window. Her husband got his gun and went outside the trailer to confront the peeping tom, but saw nobody. He did hear the sound of someone exiting the area eastward on the gravel road. He looked at the height of the window (8 feet off the ground) and realized that it couldn't have been a man.

All these details and more are in the sighting report, which can be found here. The most important part of this report is the photograph. It's not great, but it's not bad at all. This is especially true considering the conditions.

Push play to view the animation.

The above is one of three photos taken of the figure. It has been animated to show progressively lighter versions to hopefully bring out details.

Assuming the witnesses are telling the truth, it would be difficult for this figure to be that of a human being. That person would be over eight feet tall.

Impressions were found on the gravel road the next day, and photographs were taken. The report indicates that they were not shared because of a lack of clarity. That's pretty much always true of photographs of prints: they never turn out as well as they look in person. I wouldn't expect much (or any) detail to show on a gravel surface. Still, I'd love to see them, or even include them in the track database I'm working on.

Congratulations to the witness for keeping a clear head in what was obviously a stressful situation. Kudos to Todd Perteet and the BFRO for sharing this data with the public for peer review and scrutiny. And a big thumb's up to the 'squatch, just because we love it.

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  1. Cliff,is there any chance anyone could take a try at outlining what we are seeing in this picture? I think I can make out a head, shoulder, arm and what looks like a reflection of the woman taking the picture but it's all a guess. Thanks