Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Week From Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that I'm scheduled to be part of a discussion in a "Cryptid Roundtable" on the internet radio program The Parafactor one week from tomorrow.  

The discussion, which will center around various cryptids from all over the world, will feature Nick RedfernAdam Davies, and Linda Godfrey, in addition to yours truly

A funny thing about this particular show...  I will be doing it from the road, literally.  I have been invited to partake in a crazy, long bigfoot weekend with more than a dozen other bigfooters at an undisclosed location in Washington State (which I will tell you about later).  I don't want to wait to leave until after the show because it will delay my arrival at the research site until well after 2 am.  I'll miss half the fun with my bigfooting buddies if I'm postponed that long!  I plan to get a head start on my travelling, so I will have to pull over at some unknown location to phone in to the show because the cell phone reception throughout rural Washington is unreliable at best.  

Wake the kids, phone the neighbors, mark your calendars, and start the countdown clocks.  You can hear me talk about everybody's favorite unknown giant biped (while actually on my way to try to film one) next Thursday, April 8th, at 7 pm.  

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  1. I started listening to that show after you were on it. It's a pretty good show.