Thursday, March 4, 2010

Al Hodgson Interview, Part 3

Al Hodgson presenting at the 40th Anniversary of the
Patterson-Gimlin Film Celebration in October, 2007

"Almost by accident, and initially a skeptic, Al Hodgson became one of the most important figures in the history of Bigfoot research. It was his phone call to Roger Patterson that led to the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film. He was also the first person they called after filming the creature. His connections to the community, and his position as a public figure and businessman, linked up Bigfoot witnesses and researchers for decades. He did early primary investigations with Betty Allen, local journalist and pioneering Bigfoot researcher, starting in the early 1960s. He was there before Bigfoot became a household word, and became a go-to guy for Bigfoot information after the famous 1958 Bluff Creek events and trackway finds. It is Al's memory that preserves much of the history of this phenomenon, and we've sought to explore it all with him."

Steven Streufert wrote this elegant paragraph summarizing the historical significance of Al Hodgson. I couldn't have written it better, so I'll just let that be the introduction to Part 3 of this historic interview. Click here to read the Al Hodgson Interview, Part 3.

If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2, click the links to do so.


  1. Cliff, thanks for linking up to my blog!
    On Al's tip I am now talking to my neighbor who, as it turns out, was THERE, Bluff Creek, 1958. I had NO idea. THIS is why we need to talk to the old-timers, and learn the history of things. He actually lived part-time on-site at Louse Camp area from 1960-1972. He denies that Ray or Shorty Wallace made those tracks up there, and in fact they had both moved out to Washington by the early 1960s. He has seen countless tracks in the Bluff Creek area, convincing and "un-hoaxable" ones. He's agreed to an interview. So watch for that coming soon to:

  2. Thanks for the info Steve! I'm looking forward to the interview.

    Keep up the great work.