Saturday, March 6, 2010

1963 Al Hodgson Cast From Bluff Creek, CA

In August of 1963, Al Hodgson saw his first set of footprints in the ground which ended up convincing him that there really was something to the "bigfoot" rumors that had been circulating in the area since 1958. He and Betty Allen, one of the earliest chroniclers of bigfoot sightings, drove to Bluff Creek to observe reported footprints and to possibly cast one. Ms. Allen needed a ride, and was concerned about going to the site alone due to the Native American stories about abductions of women by bigfoots. Interestingly, Al and Betty actually cast that footprint (rarely shown in the bigfoot literature) which is now on display at the Willow Creek-China Flat Museum in Willow Creek, CA.

August, 1963 Betty Allen and Al Hodgson cast

In October of 1963, Al Hodgson found another set of tracks at a location called the "Bluff Creek Sandbar." At the time this sandbar was a short distance from the confluence of Bluff and Notice Creeks, but would later be washed away in the terrible flood of December 1964.

October, 1963 Al Hodgson cast

Mr. Hodgson documented his October print find by taking photographs of the prints in the ground (with a scale item) and by casting one footprint. These photographs can be found in Dr. Meldrum's excellent book Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science on page 65.

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science
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The very same tin snips that are shown in
the photograph as a scale item. They are also on display at
the Willow Creek Museum along with the original cast.

Copies of the cast are available for purchase from the Willow Creek/China Flat Museum. The copies are several generations removed from the original (pictured above), but still of a satisfactory quality for anything but the most precise measurements.

You can see this and other casts on my ever-growing database of casts and impressions. To access the database, go to my website:


  1. That's so intriguing. I have to admit, I've been wanting to buy a casting (reproduction) for ages. I really should get around to it. I love the idea of having the reference of size nearby and realizing just how huge this beast is.

  2. Hi, Cliff. I have a copy of the October '63 cast that Eric Altman made a copy of and I won it at the 20th-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference. Very intriguing cast, and Jeff Meldrum also said that cast is the same individual as "Patty" or seemed to be. Great blog post, Cliff. Hope to see you again at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium in June. Take care.

    Henry May