Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mike Greene's Thermal Video

Last Spring, I was overjoyed to find out that Mike Greene, a good bigfooting friend of mine, managed to obtain video footage of a sasquatch using a thermal imager. I have also been working very hard to obtain thermal footage of a sasquatch for several years, and I was thrilled to have a good friend succeed in this tricky endeavor. I am of the mind that when any real bigfooter succeeds, we all benefit.

I met Mike several years ago on a bigfoot trip in British Columbia. We spent several nights 'squatching together and talking about past adventures. We again had the opportunity to spend a few nights in the woods together on the Olympic Peninsula a year or so later. We still communicate by email and the occasional phone call, and I consider him to be a good friend. I would gladly go on any trip or adventure with Mike, trusting him completely in both word and deed.

Wally Hersom, Derek Randles, Cliff Barackman,
Matt Moneymaker, James "Bobo" Fay, and Mike Greene
on expedition on the Olympic Peninsula

I have no doubts that this film shows what Mike claims.

(Updated 2/3/10) I have obtained Mike's permission to show the video on my blog, so here it is for you to enjoy.

To hear Mike's narrative of the footage, click here.

When you watch the footage, please note the strange behavior exhibited by the creature. It knows that Mike is no longer in the campsite; it heard the car drive off. Still, it approaches the camp with the wariness of a soldier concerned about sniper fire. It lowers itself to the ground to approach, practically (or literally) belly-crawling up to the stump where the candy bar was left. It crawls back to the cover of the trees before standing up behind cover and walking off.

No wonder they're not seen more often!

This behavior confirms my suspicion that they are hiding, even in the dark. I think that at least some sasquatches don't realize that humans cannot see in darkness. I think about how when I was young I couldn't quite comprehend that dogs see in black and white because I saw in color. I couldn't quite get out of my own head, so to speak. (Many people still have this problem as adults.) I suspect that bigfoots might not fully comprehend that something so similar to themselves would not have similar abilities.


  1. Wow that was unreal! Growing up Native American, we were always told they are the keepers of our forest and in many cases told in our folk tales stories about staying close to camp sites or else they will come for you. Seeing this footage had also proven to show they are aware of us and the dangers we can inflict. I personally still believe they travel in packs or family groups. Finding their migrations patterns would be interesting.

  2. I find it very strange that a man such as Mr. Greene, who has stated he has spent over 20 years tracking this animal, would then forget to focus the camera. As someone with a bad memory, I can see myself doing this, but not a person who has spent 20 years in this field, but of course, the man is only human. The problem is that the camera being out of focus of course will lead to people saying "how convenient" that we can't really see the details of whatever is in the film.

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    1. this is a double bigfoot encounter

  4. I agree. Cmon. For creatures like bigfoot to survive as a species there would have to be a significant number of them. I'm sick of all these scams and I can't believe that other people eat this crap up. Ever wonder how can find the bones of a T-Rex under the freaking ground from 65 million years ago but we can't find definitive proof of bigfoot exists? Because they DON'T!!! Dummies.

  5. I agree,the pics always seem blurry, how convenient. With all the camera phones and high resolution digital cameras, there would be better pictures. And where are all the bones, Maybe there in the space craft.

  6. ON my HD 24" monitor it looks like there is a larger one in the background that is barely visible, the larger ones in my opinion have more hair and emit less body heat signature.
    You should test this out.

  7. Our family lived near Plymouth NH, and had two events happen to us that changed our minds about Bigfoot. An early spring erie whistle, and the next year footprints that led farther than we would go. No one was out there, and my husband, a tracker, had never seen human footsteps that far apart. These had toes too. But, that whistle early in the morning stands out just as much as those footprints do in that early spring snow. I think Bigfoot is far more intelligent than given credit. I think they "bury" their dead, as old Indian accounts suggest, and I think they wouldn't let a body be taken without a fight purely for the same reason you wouldn't let your mamma's body be taken by a Bigfoot. Thanks to hunters, they are very aware that we have sophisicated equipment that can prove fatal to them. Woe be to one of us that actually captures one; they will not get out of the woods with their life. Moral of the story is they are real, too many first hand accounts, and Greene's Thermal video proves it. His bigfoot did something that even he didn't know would prove it not a fake. The animal bobs/weaves back and forth as it enjoys its candy bar. This is typical of a primate enjoying its sweet snack. Humans still do this as youngsters, and most end up just smiling after their first bite of sweet. This is typical primate behavior, and as I minored in anthroplogy, I recognized it, and was finally completely convinced.

  8. I am still skeptical of them as well as this video. I will probably always be that way unless I actually see one my self.
    Over the last 4 months I have however heard heavy footprints in the woods beside my house. My dog acting strange, and even running after something - which my son spotlighted something on neighbors property with orange eyes (the reflection) it appeared to be in the woods looking at the light. I walked down to the location the next day and found that whatever it was would have been in the tree or standing about 8 feet or so as the field had a steep drop off at the opening into the woods. And last but not least, I have heard tree knocks on three separate nights - all of which were between the hours of 2 & 3 am. I have no explanation of the knocks or the eye color. A deers eyes are green under light, besides, the eyes were too far apart to be a deer. What animal would have the ability to do the knocks? Eye color? Please respond to that with a suggestion.

  9. Well, I just came in from hearing more knocks outside down in the woods behind my house. This time it was two knocks. One sound directed in my direction & the second a few seconds later away from me. Still waiting for an explanation for my last report from above on July 19th.

  10. I have become a little more skeptical of Mr. Greens thermal footage after the Finding Bigfoot episode and witnessing BoBo's reinactment. Also did you notice how tall Mr. Green was compared to even BoBo he looked 7 feet tall. Might that make a compelling video.....? Just a thought I'm still on the fence.

  11. There is evidence that BF can see infrared light which may explain the caution with which they approached - they knew the camera was there.