Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ridge Walkers

Derek Randles on expedition in Southern Oregon

You probably have heard of Derek Randles. He is a co-finder and co-owner of the Skookum Cast, one of the most active sightings-chasers in Bigfootland, and is a key player in the Olympics Project. He was part of Dr. Meldrum's North American Ape Project, and knows (or knew) many of the "names of bigfooting" over the last two decades. He is certainly one of my favorite field partners, and a good friend.

Cliff Barackman, Derek Randles, and Wally Hersom at the PG Filmsite.

Derek owns a business that I think any bigfooter would be interested in. He calls this endeavor "Ridge Walkers Unlimited." Ridge Walkers Unlimited's goal is to educate and prepare outdoor enthusiasts for whatever they might encounter while in the wilds. Their services include training in first aid, wilderness survival, off-trail forest navigation, and much more. Their services are custom-tailored for the needs of your expedition. Whether this would be your first foray into the world of backpacking, or you're a seasoned veteran looking for a unique challenge, Ridge Walkers Unlimited would be an excellent choice for a guide service provider.

Of course, if you're reading this blog then you are probably a bigfoot aficionado like myself. That's where the extra value of Derek's services comes in. Any bigfooter who takes a trip with Derek will benefit from his 20+ years of first-hand knowledge on the subject. He is familiar with all of the cutting edge techniques of locating and attracting sasquatches. He is also well-outfitted with the appropriate technologies to capture images and sound recordings of all large mammals.

A cougar captured on one of Derek's remote cameras.

Derek lives on the Olympic Peninsula, which many consider to be the squatchiest place on in the United States. He is intimately familiar with his "back yard", and is studying the likely paths of the various apex predators that live there. He knows the trails and the ridge lines that act as corridors of travel from one food source to the other. He knows how to get you close to the animals that reside in this temperate rain forest.

Having been in the woods with Derek on many occasions, I can personally attest that he is an extremely enthusiastic tracker. He has probably has found more sasquatch footprints in remote locations than 98% of the active bigfooters today. He fears no climb, path, nor mountain top. He will go where he says he will, and do so with a smile on his face. His love for the outdoors is contagious, and he is a man of the utmost integrity and honor. He can be a formidable hiking partner, but if bigfooting is the goal, I can honestly not think of anyone else I know that would be a better person to backpack with.

Obviously, I highly recommend Derek's services. If you are a bigfooter looking to learn new skills and bigfooting techniques while hiking through some of the squatchiest places on the planet, then there is no other service that can offer what Ridge Walkers can.

(An invitation has been extended to me to accompany bigfoot-related trips. Who knows, maybe you'll even get the added benefit of having me as a guest-guide on such an expedition?)


  1. You know, I keep wishing TV would give up on the multitude of ghost shows and do a bigfoot hunter show. Someone like him would be ideal. I think more people are actually afraid of the woods at night than creaky old houses and the promise of tracking or running across Bigfoot sounds pretty exciting and chilling. I wish him well in his venture. It sounds like a fantastic idea!

  2. If someone REALLY wanted to prove Bigfoot exists, they should put out the word in an area of several sightings. Give everyone a 22 and a dart tranquilizer gun. Have satellite infrared, cameras with infrared tied to balloons over the same large area. Have dogs and track him down. And DON'T just spend one day or night. There are enough hunters especially in Michigan to do this on an army scale.

  3. I am absolutely fascinated in Bigfoot and have been doing some research and tracking here in the NC mountains... So far just some strange hairs here and there are all that I've found but I'm convinced he's out there