Monday, March 8, 2010

A Retelling of Curious George

I've been interested in sasquatches for a long time. When I was very young, it was clear to me that King Kong and even Curious George were depictions of bigfoots. After all, they stood and walked on two legs. Perhaps they really weren't bigfoots, but to my young mind there was no difference.

The Complete Adventures of Curious George, Anniversary Edition
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I ran across this quirky video somewhere in cyberspace, and it made me ponder the similarities between the Curious George story and a possible scenario of the first live capture of a juvenile bigfoot. Unlike Curious George, I do not think that a juvenile bigfoot would take comfort in its zoo surroundings.

How long could a sasquatch be kept in a traditional zoo setting? Not long, I imagine. Like the last lines in this video suggests, a rampaging sasquatch that escaped from captivity would be a formidable thing to reckon with.

By the way, it's not Werner Herzog reading it either... It just sounds like it.

I hope you enjoy it!

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