Monday, December 14, 2009

Meldrum on Today Show

Cliff Barackman and Bart Cutino engage
Dr. Jeff Meldrum in discussion about footprint evidence.

I was hopeful for some constructive media attention when I saw this article:

Idaho State University associate professor of anatomy and anthropology Jeff Meldrum was interviewed about his sasquatch research this fall by a producer of NBC's "Today Show."
Meldrum's interview is slated to air Tuesday, Dec. 15, as part of a story on cryptozoology, the study of hidden animals, recognizing the public’s heightened interests in rare, elusive and mysterious creatures.

Jeff MeldrumAs a prominent researcher on the question of sasquatch's existence, Meldrum, author of "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science," was contacted to comment on the scientific evaluation of evidence of sasquatch, as compared with the activities of amateur "enthusiasts" interested in the subject.

The "Today Show" producer, Jennifer Long, asked questions such as "zoologically and evolutionarily speaking, could the animal people describe as Bigfoot exist in this day and age," "what is the most compelling evidence that sasquatch does or does not exist," and "what would be the implications of the discovery of Bigfoot."

The interview took place in Meldrum’s laboratory on the ISU campus, which houses one of the largest assemblage of hominid and reported sasquatch footprint casts. He also explained how the question of sasquatch, a supposed upright-walking giant ape, dovetails with his studies of the evolution of human adaptations for bipedal walking and running.

"My intent was to portray the science behind the legend, and point out the accumulating trace and physical evidence that a growing number of scholars and professional scientists are giving objective consideration, both publicly and privately," Meldrum said.

When the segment was televised, I realized that perhaps I had been too optimistic.

If you'd like to see it, click the footage below.

As is obvious by reading this blog you know that I don't mind a sense of humor about the bigfoot subject. I prefer intelligent discussion, or at least clever humor to accompany it.

They should have at least been funny. "Messing with sasquatch" got at least that right.

It didn't do the science nor experience justice. Not by a long shot. This might have made for a more interesting segment.

I guess the upside of this is that the 'squatch got national attention. Don Keating had a smile on his face for much of the segment, which played well for him.

I'd like to see some bigfooting on other media outlets, but perhaps with more of a focus on the possibility of these creatures' existence. Most folks don't know there is a substantial body of evidence to support the bigfoot hypothesis. I think the public deserves to know.

Also, at least the hosts got into the woods. Too many times the media criticizes bigfooters from behind a desk in NYC. These women went into the woods to scream and do wood knocks. I have to admit that was one step beyond what could have happened. Next time, perhaps they'd have better luck at night.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not offended by this. There's nothing to take personally. Their mockery is directly proportional to their own ignorance of the subject. As bigfooters, I believe we can educate the laymen on this fascinating subject to avoid the "laughing behind their hands" approach too often taken by the meda.

What do you think? Post a comment below.


  1. That story is exactly what I would expect from the Today show. I don't watch the show for the most part, but every now and then I see a story like this that they do were they really emphasize their arrogance and ignorance.

  2. I was happy to see the coverage. I don't watch those two. I too believe the public just doesn't know the body of evidence in footprints, sightings etc. From the beginning of Bigfoot reports snickering has been encouraged. Why is that? There must be a reason. I believe "someone" doesn't want the population to know and so far this laughing at the whole subject is working.

  3. I am, or at least was, offended by their bit of mockery at the end of the segment. I guess it was all in fun. I wish they would have given Dr. Medrum more airtime. I'm also thankful that they didn't give any airtime to Tom Biscardi. Why does the media always go to this guy? Anyhow, I do tend to get very flustered at people mocking BF and BF Researchers, but Cliff, you have cured me of it with your comment, "Their mockery is directly proportional to their own ignorance of the subject." All I need to do is remind myself that they are igorant, and I will chuckle to myself, rather than get angry. Thanks for the post Cliff!

  4. Hi, I just came from the Minnesota Bigfoot site. He asked for suggestions for updating the site. I told him that colored type on a black background sucks. Excuse my French. I can't read it for very long without feeling eye strain.
    A black background seems to be popular with most BF sites. Well, I say bring BF out of the dark realm of monsters. Whiten and brighten your background. Shine the light of day on our hairy cousin.
    "Cabin Crazy One" from Minnesota

  5. Hey, you guys above me need to lighten up. Surely you're familiar with the history of human nature's affect on the narrow minded. Don't listen, don't educate yourself, simply ridicule. Remember hearing about the disbelief when the mountain gorilla was discovered about 100 years ago?
    Let it go. We know that sooner or later they'll have egg on their collective face. Or maybe they'll step in a fresh BF scat.

  6. Typical of those in the media that know nothing of this subject. Great article though!

  7. Lighten up you freaks it's television - it's entertainment.

    And to save you a year or ten of your life I'll let you into a little secret... Bigfoot does not exist just like the tooth fairy dosn't. Get on ith your lives for goodness sake.. losers. lol.

  8. that wasn`t a tooth fairy, that I came fact to face with...