Sunday, December 13, 2009

Columbia Sportswear "Pioneer of the Outdoors" Update

As you probably already know, this past August I entered a contest to be a "Columbia Sportswear Pioneer of the Outdoors" by submitting a fun little video for voting and general perusal.

The voting went very, very well. Numerically, I clobbered the competition by a huge margin. There were some minor bumps along the way (or maybe two), but the bigfooting community rallied repeatedly behind the 'squatch to put bigfooting in its rightful place as the coolest thing to do in the woods. If you consider the "votes" and "views" that disappeared, the margin was incredible. That is a testament to the enthusiasm of the bigfooting community and the passion that burns in our soul for the 'squatch.

As noted in a previous blog (see links above), the voting didn't count for much as far as determining the winner of the contest, which is fine because it was still fun to see the numbers climb.

The voting was supposed to end on November 13th, but word only reached me a week ago as to the results of the contest:

"Hi Cliff,

First of all, thank you for participating in our search for pioneers of Columbia’s Greater Outdoors. No doubt, your passion for what you do is admirable and just the sort of thing we appreciate. Because of that, you’ve been selected as the runner-up in our Pioneers of The Greater Outdoors contest!

We’re planning on announcing the winner on our website around 12/15 but wanted to let you know in advance. Your video will continue to live within our pioneer archives on our site as an example of the kind of pioneering spirit we’re looking for.

For your effort, we would like to send you a $250 Columbia gift card. You can use it on our website or in any Columbia store. We just need your mailing address so we can drop it in the mail so please email us back and we’ll send it off.

Congratulations and thanks again for your contribution and commitment to the Greater Outdoors!

The Columbia Marketing team"

Congrats to whoever won the contest!

I'm not bummed at all about not winning. In fact, I was very pleasantly surprised because I do not remember any language in the official rules that indicated there was a "runner-up" prize. I am wholeheartedly embracing my runner up status, and couldn't be more proud of this minor accomplishment.

This was a kind gesture by Columbia, and I would like to publicly and vigorously thank them for their generosity!

"We're number two!"

Yesterday my videographer, Craig Flipy and I went shopping at the Columbia Outlet store and took advantage of their great sales prices. The $250 prize will go a long ways towards keeping us warm during our winter bigfooting trips over the next few months (even when that prize money is split between the both of us).

Good prices, great gear, and a whole lot of fun.

Lastly, I'd like to give a huge thanks to you, the bigfooting community. You rallied behind my silly little cause with enthusiasm and the appropriate sense of humor. You supported a fellow bigfooter, and more importantly our big hairy buddies by putting them in the eye of the general public in a prominent way (Columbia is a national brand, and now sasquatches will be a small, but visible part of their website).

I hope you had some fun with this. I know I did.

But now, what should I tackle next? If you have any ideas, contact me here:

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  1. Congratulations. I would like to see in writing, that killing a Bigfoot is a Class A Felony. I mean killing the animal to prove he exists, not if it were attacking. I know this could get heated, but don't we deserve the truth.