Saturday, November 7, 2009

One More Week!

As you probably know, I've been nominated for Columbia Sportswear's Pioneers of the Outdoors contest. I've rallied the bigfoot troops, and you came through for me. We shocked and awed the competition, drowning them behind nearly one thousand video views and half that many votes.

Then, all that effort was erased. All votes and views vanished.

Not being the kind of guy to throw my hands up and pout, I called on my community again, and once again you rallied for me. The numbers are not as high as they were when the "error" occurred, but they are high enough again to put me squarely back in the number one position.

Thank you!

The contest is slated to last until next Friday, November 13th. This is the last week we can vote for the video, so I will ask you to do so again, and again, and again. Click the following banner to vote:

Here are the important things to remember:
1. You can vote once per day, so you should. If even half of the readers of this blog do so once per day, I'll add many hundreds of votes to my count by Friday.
2. Give the video "5 stars". That's the highest rating.
3. Do it for the 'squatch.

Don't pay too much attention to the number of views or the rating. They don't seem to mean much. Sometimes they don't go up at all, sometimes they actually go down after a viewing and a vote. (I don't know what's up with that, but I actually saw it happen.) I'm assuming it's a programming error...

When I wrote to the company about the discrepancies in voting numbers, they apologized and told me not to worry about the numbers because they will pretty much choose who they want anyways (and it says as much in the official rules, but is written in lawyer-speak). Therefore, I'm not worrying about the numbers. But still, they are significant in that they show a certain level of interest in the subject which should not be ignored.

Our job is to show them that everybody loves the 'squatch. With an avalanche of views and votes, this fact will be undeniable to their marketing department.

So, let's take this contest by storm. If they choose my video as the winner, great. If they don't, that's fine too. It was fun trying. It was particularly nice rallying the often factious bigfoot community to one cause, uniting us for a change behind something just for fun.

Thank you to all who participated! Keep your fingers and toes crossed, and I'll notify you when I hear something from Columbia.

In the meantime, continue to "respect the 'squatch".

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